3 Signs Your Hair is in Need of a Trim

Lots of hairdressers advise their clients to book in for a trim every eight weeks, but it’s easy to let time go by without getting a hair refresh. Many people can go longer than eight weeks without needing the ends of their hair trimmed, so if you don’t want to commit to super regular haircuts, just look out for these three key signs instead. If your hair is exhibiting any of these, it may be time to book in for a hair refresh with your stylist.

Dry, Split Ends

Perhaps the most obvious sign that hair needs a trim is if the ends are looking ragged, split, and dry. Sometimes, a high-quality conditioning treatment can rescue and restore ends, but if you’ve tried this and they’re still looking worse for wear then it’s time to book in with your salon.

Lackluster Curls and Waves

Most people’s hair has at least a hint of wave to it, and many of us have really wavy, curly, or coily hair. One clear sign that a haircut needs to be on the horizon is if your curls or waves are looking a little flat and lackluster. This may mean that your hair is struggling to hold a wave, it’s getting frizzy no matter what you try, or your waves and curls are not sitting as they normally do.

It’s Always in Your Face

Sometimes, the first sign that our hair is in need of attention is our formally neat bangs flopping into our eyes every other minute. Hair growth is something that is hard to monitor on a daily basis, but if you’ve got bangs or any form of shaping around your face, you should notice when this grows out. Many stylists will trim and reshape a fringe free of charge, but if it’s been a while since you had your hair cut it may be worth sitting in the chair for a bit longer and asking them to refresh your whole ‘do.


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