Here’s Why Listening to a Podcast on Your Commute is a Great Idea 

The working week often feels long and dragged out. Having to wake up early each morning to leave the house and head to your workplace is exhausting, and many of us spend the commute to work either asleep or listening to music. This can be a good way to spend the journey, but an even better use of this time would be to listen to a podcast. Here’s why. 

Can Learn So Much

There are so many podcasts these days on an endless range of topics. Using your commute to learn about the world via podcasts is a great use of your free time and an amazing way to absorb loads of new facts and hear interesting discussions.

Helps You Prepare for Your Day

Sleeping or listening to music is great but when the journey ends you may well find that you feel a bit disorientated and unprepared to start your day. Listening to a podcast on the other hand gently wakes your brain up and gets you ready to talk and interact with other people. 

Gives You Conversation Starters

No matter how well you know your colleagues it’s always nice to have interesting concepts to bring up to start conversations. Listening to a podcast on your commute will mean you start your day with loads of cool discussion points to bring up to help pass the time at work.


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