3 High-Protein Foods That Will Bulk Up Your Smoothie

You are trying to increase proteins in your diet? Do you want to put some more muscles? Well, here’s a way to do it and still enjoy really tasty smoothies. First of all, use chickpeas. Use 5 grams for a half cup. Apparently, chickpeas offer a high dose of protein and plus they blend well with the other ingredients giving to the smoothie a bit of a creamy structure.

They are also low calories and they are low to digest, that means that those chickpeas will keep your morning hunger away. Make sure you wash them well before putting them in the smoothie.

3 High-Protein Foods That Will Bulk Up Your Smoothie

Another option is pumpkin seeds. You’ll have 5 grams with 2 tablespoons. Pumpkin seeds offer a good combo between healthy fats, protein, and fiber. Also, they easily break down in most blenders. If that’s not enough, they are rich in magnesium, which helps preserve bone density and regulate blood pressure. If you are still not satisfied, you can add ricotta to your smoothie.

You will need 14 grams for half a cup. Ricotta has a lot of protein and will make your smoothie creamier. It doesn’t even a taste that will pop out over others, the flavor is pretty bland but it will for sure make your smoothie tastier. Ricotta has a lot of vitamin D which usually adults lack. Vitamin D helps with calcium absorption and lower the risks for a wide range of diseases.


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