You Wont Believe Your Eyes When Youll See What UFO Hunters Have Found

UFO hunters have found the weirdest thing through Google Earth. They found a very odd looking complex in the desert of Cairo, Egypt. What you can see from the picture is a complex that contains two large buildings with very weird structures. The structure is made of circular formations.

There’s not much information about the purpose of these building and speculations are running online. There are so many theories about it. Some argue these buildings are part of a government conspiracy. Some others think it’s a movie set, specifically for the upcoming Star Wars film. No one has found a definitive answer to all these questions, however the buildings are pretty weird and funny looking! The hunters have found them using Google Earth. It is the best modern technique to explore far places and look for signs of alien activity. Hunters use it with a simple click of the mouse and they get to crazy places across the world. 

Usually, they don’t find much so when they do like in this case, they make a lot of noise. To a UFO believer, these episodes are extremely important and could be compelling evidence.


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