You Can Now Rent a Lamborghini in Vegas

A new Lamborghini can cost anywhere from $237,000 to $500,000 and beyond, but for a mere fraction of that price, $12,000, you can learn to cruise around in a Lamborghini in Las Vegas for a weekend.

The carmaker uses its driving schools to attract Lamborghini enthusiasts and owners, improve research and development, and to earn bigger profits. Professional drivers teach amateurs how to handle the cars on the track.

You Can Now Rent a Lamborghini in Vegas

Drivers can take the Super Trofeo Huracáns for a spin, even though it isn’t road legal, and also test out street cars like the $493,000 Aventador Super Veloce which packs 750-horsepower and 12 cylinders.

The weekend is capped off with a series of time-trial tests to measure your skills behind the wheel of these beasts. The top performers are then invited to a super exclusive, two-day Super-Trofeo competition where a helicopter will transport you to and from the track where your own personal pit crew awaits, for an additional $25,000 of course.


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