Winnie Harlow Is Having The Last Laugh, And Loving Every Minute


But Harlow is not your average model. She suffers from a disease called vitiligo, which is a condition where the cells that produce melatonin stop working. This makes the skin loose pigment in patches. It is not contagious or deadly, it is simply a condition that slowly spreads, turning dark skin to light. It is especially noticeable on dark-skinned people.

But Harlow was not always where she is today. She suffered a lot as a child and teen, but not from the disease, but rather from the comments and teasing from her classmates.

Winnie Harlow Is Having The Last Laugh, And Loving Every Minute

She would be called “cow” or “zebra” which totally destroyed her self-confidence. She ended up leaving school at a young age and worked a few jobs here and there until she was found by Taira Banks on America’s Next Top Model. Although she didn’t win, this was just the beginning of an incredible career for the young model.

She is breaking down stereotypes and trying to change the idea of “beauty”. She posts positive body messages on her social media networks and speaks at public events to educate audiences on what is really considered beauty, that is, inner beauty. Keep going Harlow, you are an inspiration to us all!


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