Why Aspen, Colorado Needs To Be Your Next Vacation

Do you love the outdoors? Are you down for an adventure? If so, Aspen, Colorado might be the next place on your travel map. Aspen can be enjoyed year round, with many things to do in the summer as well as winter. Aspen is home to four breathtaking mountains, attracting thrill seekers who are eager to tear up the slopes with their boards or skis.

Those who seek the challenge can hike what’s called The Highland Bowl, which consists of some of the most intense skiing in the state. The Bowl can only be accessed by hiking to the top yourself, after getting off the lift closest to it. It consists of treacherous terrains, with some slopes as steep as 48 degrees, and should only be attempted by intermediate and expert skiers. It is an opportunity of a lifetime that can’t be found in any other state.

Why Aspen, Colorado Needs To Be Your Next Vacation

Snowmobiling is another popular attraction in Aspen. Head over to the T-Lazy-7 Ranch and hop on a snowmobile tour, which will take you to see the beautiful Maroon Bells, two peaks that are commonly photographed by anyone fortunate enough to see them.

Why Aspen, Colorado Needs To Be Your Next Vacation

Aspen is just as popular in the summer as it is in the winter. Make sure to pack your hiking boots because there are endless amounts of trails and mountains to hike. Instead of snowmobiling, you can hike to the Bells, which usually still have snow on them and are just as beautiful in the summertime.

In order to get the true Colorado summertime experience, white water rafting is a must do. Ripping through the rapids in immensely cold water (despite it being summer) is the best feeling imaginable. There are rapids for any and all ages, ranging from class 1 to class 5 rapids.

No matter what time of the year you choose to go, Aspen will have something for you to do. It is a cozy place full of nice people who will happily welcome you into their beautiful town.


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