Why You Should Be Eating Slower

Sometimes when you’re hungry, you just gotta eat. It is easy to ravage a meal after a long day of work or school. However, health studies have shown that the slower you eat, typically the better for you it is. Studies from the American Heart Association’s Scientific Session in California suggests that people who eat slowly are less likely to be obese or to have a stroke, diabetes, or heart disease.

There is a clear connection with fast eaters and the development of metabolic syndrome, which is the syndrome connected with developing the conditions listed above.

Why You Should Be Eating Slower

Another and more common sensical reason why people who eat slower tend to be healthier is because typically, they eat less. When you eat at a super fast pace, your body doesn’t have time to tell itself that it is full. This is when overeating occurs. Now, this study by no means indicates that if you are a faster eater than your friends that you will definitely develop these conditions.

However, it is something to keep in mind and possibly consider slowing it down and enjoying your food more.


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