Why You Should Fill Out Your Bio on Tinder

For a single woman, choosing a man who hasn’t filled out his Tinder profile is tantamount to playing Russian roulette. The profile info is one of the sparse clues a woman has that a guy is normal. Women tend not to go on dates with guys without profile info for safety reasons, so this is another argument in favor of filling your bio in if you’re a guy.

Women who often go on Tinder dates say the process doesn’t have to be time-consuming at all. All it takes is a brief description of the guy, even in the form of Emojis. A few sentences about what kind of woman and relationship the guy is looking for and what he does in his free time are all that is needed.

Why You Should Fill Out Your Bio on Tinder

A complete profile on Tinder is no guarantee that a man isn’t a psychopath – he can always make something up on the bio that will seem normal – but psychopaths aren’t likely to make this effort. Yes, there are exceptions.

That said, a bio that’s not filled out does not necessarily mean its owner is some kind of freak. He’s probably a regular guy, maybe a little on the shy side. Or arrogant, having left the bio blank intentionally to look cool. It’s not worth it, because guys miss out on a lot of good dates and potentially great relationships and sex by “playing it cool”.


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