Orange Theory Fitness is The Next Fitness Trend You Have To Try

There are many different fitness trends that seem to make their ways to the health market. In recent years, fitness classes have become increasingly popular, offering a diverse array of physical instruction that has the ability to attract a wide range of audiences.

From intense cycling classes to sweat-inducing spinning classes, to energizing Zumba classes, one trend seems to be consistent. And that trend is the trend towards fitness.

Recently, there’s been a new type of fitness class to make its way to the market. This class is called Orange Theory Fitness and it is one of the best and most effective workouts that anyone who wants to get in shape should definitely check out.

Orange Theory Fitness is a group fitness class that is structured similarly to how a personal trainer would train someone individually. However, this is a group fitness class and therefore, offers a supportive environment where athletes are challenged to push themselves to reach their goals.

Orange Theory Fitness is The Next Fitness Trend You Have To Try

The class is structured in a way that incorporates both cardio and weightlifting. Treadmills, free weights, and rowing machines can be found at every Orange Theory Fitness facility. The gym offers a different combination of workouts every day, in order to keep your body out of a plateau and in a calorie burning state. Along with this, each class participant wears a heart monitor.

These monitors track your heart rate and calories burned throughout the workout and display these results on large screens in the gym in order for people to see how much they are burning. The “theory” behind Orange Theory Fitness is that the more time you spend in the orange heart rate zone, the more calories you will burn even after you leave the gym.

Orange Theory Fitness is The Next Fitness Trend You Have To Try


The orange zone is when your heart is working beyond its comfortable state and when the participant is breathing heavily and pushing themselves. For every minute you spend on the Orange zone or above, you receive a “splat point”. These splat points are a number to show you how long you will be burning calories after the workout is over.

Orange Theory Fitness is truly an amazing class with one of the best workouts ever. The coaches are all trained, enthusiastic, personable, and push you to be your best. However, they strongly encourage you to go at your own pace and love to offer alternative exercises to those who need it.

Orange Theory Fitness is the perfect workout for those looking to track everything they do and for those looking to improve their health.


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