Why is Guac Extra?

Ever heard of the term “extra”? This term can be applied to many situations.  For example, asking your girlfriend to prom by dropping rose petals from an airplane with a banner that says her name.  That’s extra.  Wearing a long, sparkly dress to your frenemies’ wedding? That’s extra. And while being extra has been making a wave in pop culture for being something to accept and embrace, there are many reasons why being extra is not good.

The most important “extra” thing to note is the fact that some places charge for guacamole.  Why is guac extra??  Well, there are actually some agricultural and economic reasons behind this. Stores aren’t solely upcharging the cost of a dollop of heavenly guacamole in order to make more money.  One of the reasons that guacamole costs more than, salsa, per say, is because avocados are a more expensive product to grow and export.  The prices of avocados fluctuate throughout the year.  Sometimes avocado farmers even experience an avocado shortage in their harvest.  Many popular restaurants import their avocados from places in central and south America, such as Mexico.  When these particular avocado producers experience a shortage of product growth, ultimately, the price of the avocado will increase, requiring the restaurants to pay more money to obtain the creamy, green fruit.  Yes, avocados are fruit.

So, with this in mind, consider that the up-charge for guacamole at your favorite Mexican restaurant may not just be a ploy to rip off the customer.  There are economic reasons that cause the necessary increase in price for avocados, which could be considered a luxury good.  Avocados are amazing both in taste and in health benefits. So why not pay that little bit extra in order to enjoy your food with the addition of a plentiful dollop of guacamole?


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If you’re ever interested in a new workout plan or simply bored with your old one, you should consider giving the EMOM workout a try. EMOM is an acronym that stands for “every minute on the minute,” meaning you start a new move with a specific rep count every minute. Once you complete the reps, you get to recover for the rest of the minute. “The trick is that your rest time is also built into that minute, so the slower you move, the less rest you get,” says Jess Sims, a NASM-certified personal trainer and instructor at Shadowbox and Fitting Room in New York City.

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