The Gryffindor Facts Even A First Year Would Know

Not sure what Hogwarts house you’d be in? Maybe it’s Gryffindor! See if you have what it times to be in Harry Potter’s house.

Gryffindor is the house that values the virtues of courage, bravery, and determination. They are not afraid to fight for what is right and will do anything to help a friend. It is important that a Gryffindor acts with chivalry and is always kind to others.

Gryffindors are associated with the fire element, relating to their color scheme of red and gold. Gryffindors, while brave, can also have fiery tempers. They can be known as reckless and short tempered, especially around the Slytherins, who very appropriately possess the water element.

Gryffindors tend to live true to their motto, “Do what is right.”

They are known as the house of the adventurous and daring, as well as being selfless in their acts, making them the most well rounded house of the four.


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