You Can Actually Be Addicted To Your Phone

Do you ever stop what you’re doing to check to see if you have any notifications on your phone? Does it interrupt your studying or listening? Do you catch yourself more in conversations via texting or social media rather than face to face?

Odds are you answered yes to all of these, and odds are, you’re addicted to your phone. Why are millennials these days so addicted to playing on their phones? Is face to face social interaction not enough anymore?

We have become so addicted to our phones that these text, calls, and media interruptions don’t even seem like interruptions anymore, but a necessity for our everyday lives.

You Can Actually Be Addicted To Your Phone

Millennials these days have become self-obsessed and crave attention and feedback from others. This causes us to capture everything we are doing so that the world will know, causing us to live less in the moment. It seems as life is passing us by because we’re too busy trying to document every second of it.

Be the exception and stop conforming to the extensive use of your cellular device. Learn to manage the amount of time you use your phone. This will help you to become more productive and live life to the fullest instead of living behind a phone screen. Some easy ways to reduce the amount of time spent on your phone is to stop accepting notifications. If you don’t see the notifications, you’re not as tempted to check your phone.

You Can Actually Be Addicted To Your Phone


If it’s someone really important you can set custom vibrations and rings to know it’s them, but you don’t have to check your phone to catch up on the latest gossip every five minutes. Delete all excess apps that distract you from your everyday life, such as games and social media. Nothing is too important that you can’t wait to check on your computer at home at the end of the day.

Keep in mind that a text or a Snapchat can wait but you only get to experience what’s right in front of you once.

At the end of the day, face to face interaction means more than anything you can say on social media, and experiencing something by actually being there to see it is so much more meaningful than seeing it through a screen.


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