How to Set Up The Perfect Campsite

Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy all of what nature has to offer. Even though you know that you have to do without many luxuries while camping out in the wilderness, you do want to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

When creating your campsite, there are many factors that go into making your site as much like home as you can. You have to make sure you have the appropriate camping gear, so that means making all the necessary preparations for your trip and taking this part very seriously. You must know how to set up the actual campsite and consider the layout of your camping site. You should consider what the best camping gear is and the best method of getting it to your camping site.

How to Set Up The Perfect Campsite

Plan Your Trip In Advance

To really enjoy that camping trip, you need to plan in good time. The first consideration is the location.

Secondly, you need to decide who you’re going with and if you’ll be meeting up with anyone on the way there or on the camping site itself. And how long will you be camping?

How to Set Up The Perfect Campsite

Start Packing

To make packing as easy as possible, use a gear checklist. Everything you need to gather and pack for the trip should be on this list. You will want to include all the items you will need to make sure nothing gets left behind. You’ll need to plan out your shelter, bedding, cooking, clothing, and other items to pack.

If you want to really organize your preparations, creating different gear bags of boxes might be a great suggestion. You can pack your gear according to what you are going to use them for. Your kitchen utensils can go into a special ‘kitchen gear’ box, and your sleeping bag, pillow, (air) mattress and such can go into another bag or box. This makes it a lot easier once you arrive at your campsite and it’s time to unpack and set everything up.

It’s also important to bring a first aid kit in case of emergencies. Hopefully will you not need to use it but it’s always good to have, especially since medical teams may have trouble accessing the site, especially if it’s isolated.

How to Set Up The Perfect Campsite

Choose a Good Site

Shelter comes first, so choose a good camping site. Ideally, you’d look for level, vegetation-free, high but shaded, and wind-buffered ground. If you find such, don’t wait – set up shop pronto, you don’t want to leave it until there is no more natural light. Place a flashlight in your pocket as soon as you arrive. Also, know where your insect repellent, rainwear, and insulation layers are at all times because you might need them urgently.

Never camp on a slope – you’re sure to roll out of the tent when you fall asleep. We had someone once roll out of the tent and down into the lake. Don’t camp on low ground either, because it might rain, and then you will have flooding issues.

How to Set Up The Perfect Campsite

Relax and Enjoy!

Camping is relaxing, healthy, and invigorating. You can bring along a book, a journal, a sketchbook, cards, some board games, and/or a good camera and do things you don’t normally find time for in the city. It feels great to shut the laptop, put down the phone, and take a leisurely, slow look at the natural surroundings.

And what about sitting around the campfire at night? Enjoy a beer or mug of wine, talk, play, and go to bed early without making an effort? And waking up in the morning? Those of you who’ve had it up to here with the urban heat know what I mean. You absolutely relish those long, hot breakfasts you’re your choice of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee.


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