What You Need to Know About the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a privacy law established by the European Union.

The law officially went into effect on May 25th, 2018. From that day forward, all online companies that deal with the European Union must be GDPR compliant. So what does this mean for businesses that are not European? And what exactly constitutes as GDPR compliant?

The law extends to any online company that does business with the EU, generates leads from the EU, or basically has any connection to EU persons. Some of the main company types include bloggers, advertisers, marketers, app creators, real estate agents, YouTuber’s, travel agencies, and more. The law is designed to protect the data of EU persons. This law applies to all entrepreneurs and marketers, regardless of company size.

The law was created to provide EU person’s with more control over their personal data. With the recent Facebook scandal, it’s no surprise the EU has decided to push forward with this law. The law specifically deals with the process of handling and and using EU personal data.

What it entails is pretty simple, too. Every person from the EU who uses your personal media platform must be aware of the fact that they are giving you personal information.

The type of information that a user must be notified about relates to their name, email address, location, phone number, and more. Additionally, they must be notified if your company is utilizing information from their IP address, web history, cookies, etc. It is essential that you disclose to the user that you will be gathering their personal data.


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