What Girls Think of Your Drink Order

So, you’re a nice young dude, who likes to go out for a drink every once in a while. You most likely have your go to drink that you never fail to order at least once every time you step into a new bar. And, well, although women are totally aware that they sometimes can make ill-informed judgements of men, women will undoubtedly judge you, whether it’s for the good or bad, depending on the type of drink that you order.

For one, ordering a whiskey coke at a bar will ultimately leave a women feeling neutral about your drinking habits. Whisky is usually seen as a pretty masculine alcohol, however, and that may cause the woman to be a bit more accepting of your casual and simple drink order. Honestly, any sort of alcohol with soda is a pretty safe bet when looking to not get judged extremely hard by the ladies.  However, when you opt for a dirty shirley instead of a vodka sprite, you may raise a few eyebrows of the women around you.

Another important drink to note is beer. If you order craft or high quality beer of any sort, you will most likely impress the women that you are around. Craft beers give off the vibe that you know what you like and that you are confident in supporting your taste by spending the little bit of extra cash necessary to purchase that more expensive craft beer. However, if you opt for a beer such as Keystone, you may not come off as impressive to the ladies.

Now, the drink that will most likely impress the ladies the most is ordering a top shelf selection on-the-rocks. This exudes masculinity, class, and wealth. These are all qualities that women subconsciously look for in a male companion. So, if you want to play it safe and make an undoubtedly good impression with the females, go for a nice on-the- rocks drink.


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