What Ever Happened To Cuba Gooding Jr.

With a brilliant performance at Jerry Maguire (1996) made him a star overnight, in an instance he was the talk of the town. His critically acclaimed performance has earned him Oscar for best supporting actor that year.  His exuberant “Show me the money!” line in the film became a nationwide catch phrase. Additionally, his Oscar acceptance speech has often been cited for its enthusiasm. His following big screen appearances, however, were not so significant, and slowly he disappeared completely for a long while.

If you followed his career in the years following Jerry Maguire you probably remember his performance at As Good as It Gets (1997) along with Jack Nicolson, he had a very Peculiar role at What Dreams May Come (1998) as a guarding angel to Robin Williams. And it seems that since then it was all downhill with no major performance to be noted.

Gooding has resurfaced in recent years with a well-received performance in Selma, and in 2016 as OJ Simpson in the first season of American Crime Story. Will these roles help propel him back to the Hollywood A-list? Only time will tell.


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