Weird Habits Most Men Have

Okay, so everyone has weird habits that they engage in on a pretty regular basis. These habits may make you feel uncomfortable to do them in public, and you may even feel like you’re an oddball out at times. However, there are some weird habits that most guys just do, regardless of how strange they may be. Here are some habits that you probably have that your friends probably all have too.

Weird Habits Most Men Have

The first weird habit that’s not quite as uncommon as you may think is none other than just hanging out with your hand in your pants. While some girls may find it odd, for most dudes, they do it unconsciously because, well, it’s warm.

It is also a pretty comfortable way to sit, according to a group of men who have admitted to doing this on the regular. Just be wary of trying not to do it while you’re in the company of women.

Weird Habits Most Men Have

They may not understand and think its weird. Another weird habit, or rather, obsession is grilling. Why do guys love grilling so much?  Well, for some, such as Andrew, a senior at Duke University stated, “ It is the quickest and easiest way to get meat from not being cooked to being cooked.” For others, it makes them feel manly and proud.

Lastly, many guys have the habit of being quite involved in fantasy sports leagues. Do you love being involved because it fuels your need for competition? Does it give you a hobby to brighten up your boring workday? Many guys invest a lot of effort into their fantasy sports leagues. So don’t worry, you’re not alone.


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