We Asked Girls How to Flirt With Them in a Bar

When you meet a hot girl in a bar, chances are high that you really want to take her home or if you are a gentleman, ask her first on a date. However, most of the times you blew it off and you don’t even know why. So here it is, a brief guide of dos and don’ts, not from scholars or researchers, but simply from those girls you’re so interested in.

First rule: DO NOT stare but DO look. Eye contact can be intriguing but it’s important not to overdo it. Send her a drink, but don’t choose for her. Ask the bartender what she is drinking and order that. Notice: if she is with friends, send them a drink too. Being nice with her friends is a huge plus. Don’t expect anything in return for the drink.

We Asked Girls How to Flirt With Them in a Bar

To approach them, ask the bartender to introduce you. He will probably know if the girl you’re interested in has had a bad day.

Lose your friends to avoid any competition games with your dudes and just be normal.

Say hello, introduce yourself and the rest will come.

Just remember that it’s not a big deal and that you have nothing to lose.


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