Watching A Hydraulic Press Crush A Car Spring Is So Satisfying

Some things are just too satisfying, like a broom fitting perfectly between two cupboards or a watermelon perfectly cut in half. Among the most satisfying things on Earth is watching a hydraulic press squish something flat right before our eyes, and thankfully we can watch that whenever we want.

The infamous hydraulic press YouTube channel is the brainchild of Lauri Vuohensilta, who owns a small factory in Finland. Using the power of pressure and a few well-placed cameras, Lauri has captured what happens to hundreds of items when they’re squashed to oblivion. In the past Lauri has crushed coins, Lego bricks and even explosives.

In his latest offering, Lauri discovers what happens when he places a car spring in the jaws of his hydraulic press. Oh, and he throws in a slinky for good measure.


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