Visual Effects Artist Successfully Advertises His Used Car With Epic Video

For most of us, selling a used car we own is kind of a drag. We have to take all the pictures, post an ad on some sort of popularly seen website, or possibly buy a little section in the local newspaper and hope for the best. However, for Eugene Romanovsky, he decides to take a much different route. In fact, he took a much more creative and talented route. Wanting to sell an SUV from 1996 in an innovative way definitely takes some technique and that is exactly what Romanovsky has.

Being a visual effects artist, he took his skills to the test and it has become a bigger success than anyone expected. He put together an epic, thrilling, action filled two minute video of his car driving in all different countries of the world making its way to the oceans besides the fish, ending up cruising by the dinosaurs in the Jurrassic Park era, and suddenly shoots to the stars to land on the moon.

He was basically showcasing that this 1996 Suzuki Vitara can handle everything and anything. After watching this video, it has come to no surprise that over 2 million people are now interested. He cleverly ends off his video with the line “It needs your love. And maybe some paint.”


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