Vince McMahon Crashes Bentley in Front of WWE Headquarters

The CEO of the World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon, recently got in a car crash roughly one mile away from the WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

Based on the TMZ reporting of the incident, the crash had a minor impact on McMahon himself who walked away from the incident, although his black Bentley was not as lucky. There was apparently another vehicle involved in the incident as well.

An occurrence such as this is not new for WWE CEO, as he has walked away from numerous accidents in the past. Fans are used to his accidents as he even survived a limousine explosion that presumably left him dead.

Nevertheless, he was seen just a week later standing in the ring with other fighters. Apparently, he was in a coma for a small period of time after the accident.

WWE fans from all over are happy to see that McMahon is alive and well. Many even believe that he and his family are somehow immortal since he manages to constantly escape death every time it tries to take him.


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