Usain Bolt Wins Historic Third Olympic 100m Gold In a Row

Usain Bolt has become the first man to ever win three back-to-back Olympic men’s 100m gold medals.

The Jamaican ran his race in a time of 9.81 seconds, seeing off competition from rival Justin Gatlin, of Team USA, who came in at 9.89 seconds. In total, Bolt has now won seven Olympic gold medals. Bolt’s winning time equates to an average speed of 36.7kmh. To put that in perspective, someone out for a jog travelling at the reasonable pace of 14kmh, will cover just 38m in the time it took Bolt to win his gold medal.

Should he win the 200m and the 4x100m, he’ll become the first man to ever win the triple-triple, and cement his status as the greatest track and field athlete of all time.

So yeah, he’s fast.


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