Usain Bolt Has Finally Been Dethroned At The Track And Field World Championship

For years we have watched Usain Bolt dominate the track and field game. He easily was and might even still be the fastest man to ever live, and before this year, his record told that story. He is 8-0 at the Olympics in gold medal races, he has won a gold at the World Championships 11 times, and has set world records in both the 100 and 200 meter races.

However, this was the year where Bolt’s winning record would come to an end. At the Track and Field World Championships in London, Bolt competed for his last time. He risked his winning record to get one more gold on the board, but that is not what he got.

Usain Bolt ended up taking the bronze in the 100 meter race, making it the first time he has not won either gold or silver in that race. Bolt’s time was 9.95 seconds, while 2 Americans, Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman had times of 9.92 seconds and 9.94 seconds. Coleman, coming into this championship in London, was views as the heir to Bolt’s throne.

Even though Bolt might have not taken home the gold on this one race, his reputation is certainly not discredited. He still had an epic and legendary career, one that will not be forgotten. Even after Gatlin defeated Bolt, he dropped to one knee after the race and bowed down to the fastest man to ever live.


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