U.S Womens Hockey Takes Gold

Many Americans often joke about Canada. Whether this joking stems from the overly- friendly stereotypical behavior that many Americans perceive Canadians to have, or whether they just find the Canadian accent slightly goofy, one this that is definitely not a joke is the Canadian women’s hockey team. Canada’s women’s hockey team is known to be one of the best in the entire world.

They were the four year reigning gold medalists, having competed in the championship round for many of the recent Winter Olympics. The United States women’s hockey team is also extremely talented. Often times, the U.S women are faced with the challenge of competing with Canada’s women’s team for the gold- something that the American team hasn’t quite been able to grasp- until now.

The winter Olympics are in full swing and have gained countless amounts of international attention from sports fans and non sports fans alike. This year’s game was once again, played by the United States women’s team against Canada’s women’s team. The game came down to the wire and the U.S was down by a goal with about seven minutes left in the game.

Luckily, Monique Lamourex- Morando scored an equalizing goal, allowing for an overtime when both teams stayed consistent and equal in their scores. After over time was played, the game moved into a decisive shootout round where Monique Lamourex-Morando’s sister, Jocelyne Lamoureux- Davidson scored the game winning goal in a sudden death shootout. This victory has led to the American women’s team’s first gold medal since 1998 when women’s hockey was first introduced as a sport in the Olympics.


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