TV Fans Rejoice! All Your Favorite Shows Are Returning This June

2024 is shaping up to be another great year for television, and this June might be the best month yet. From House of the Dragon to The Bear, some of the most acclaimed shows of the 2020s are returning to our small screens this month and you shouldn’t miss them for the world.

The Boys (Amazon Prime Video, June 13)

After several failed attempts to expose the corrupt superhero team The Seven and their ruthless leader Homelander for who they truly are, The Boys will keep trying to save the day in the upcoming fourth season of Amazon’s hit series.

Bridgerton (Netflix, June 13)

The first part of Bridgerton Season 3 chronicles the blooming romance between Penelope and Colin, while the second chapter will be dealing with the aftermath of their betrothal.

House of the Dragon (HBO, June 16)

House of the Dragon chronicles the downfall of House Targaryen, and the show’s second season will give us first glimpses of the Dance of the Dragons after the first season sets the stage for this harrowing war of succession.

The Bear (FX/Hulu, June 27)

Carmy, Sid, Richie, and the rest of The Bear crew finally opened their new restaurant at the end of Season 2, and the show’s next chapter will see them strengthen the bonds that hold them together while striving for culinary excellence.


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