Trump Hotels Hit Hard As Pro Sports Teams Are Boycotting Them

Since he took office, President Trump has caused a lot of trouble in the professional sports world. Now many of these organisations have begun to strike back against the President and are hurting his wallet in the process.

Many professional teams from the NHL, NBA and NFL have now stopped using Trump owned hotels. It is believed that at least 16 teams out of the 123 organisations involved in these three professional leagues have enacted this boycott when they go on the road for games.
Trump owns many luxury hotels that will not be overly affected as NFL teams tend to not stay there due to the large amount of players and sport staff involved, but city based hotels such as the Trump SoHo in New York City will be avoided where teams would have paid approximately $20,000 per night to stay.

When these losses of revenue are added up over the course of a season for each of the teams, this presents a significant loss to Trump’s wallet.
The Washington Post has conducted a lot of research on the topic recently and they had some interesting findings.
They spotted three different NHL teams – the Washington Capitals, Carline Hurricanes and the Tampa Bay Lightning who have stopped using Trump hotels in the past year.

NFL players have been actively rebelling against the President by utilising national anthem protests and boycotting the Super bowl White House visit. Issues they are protesting about relate to their right to protest, racial issues and respect of the flag.


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