‘Top Gun 2’ Rumors Confirmed by Tom Cruise

Maverick himself, well Tom Cruise, has officially confirmed that Top Gun 2 is happening. For all of you Hollywood sequel lovers this is definitely some good news for you! After making an appearance on the Australian network show, Sunrise, Cruise discussed his role and behind the scene secrets about his new upcoming film, The Mummy. 

Towards the end of the interview, the Sunrise host took a look into Cruise’s past and asked if the Top Gun 2 rumors were really true. To their surprise, Cruise did indeed confirm the sequel will be happening and that it’s production could begin as soon as next year! His exact words were, “It’s happening. It is definitely happening.”

After years of speculation discussing the rumor and its details we finally know for sure! Many claimed the new Top Gun will have Val Kilmer continue his role as Iceman. Another reason as to why this rumor sprouted was when film producer Jerry Bruckheimer posted a picture of him and Cruise after a mysterious meet-up. After Top Gun’s initial release in 1986, many have fear the sequel won’t meet their expectations. However, Cruise has a look of confidence that Top Gun 2 might really be a success. 


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