Thursday Night NFL Games Can Now Be Viewed On Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a growing service that allows its users exclusive access to shows, free and fast shipping, and discounts within Amazon. According to Mashable, Amazon Prime is officially adding a new service to its users; viewers can now stream Thursday night NFL games. Currently, Twitter users can also stream the show and it is available on CBS, NBC, and the NFL network.

The deal between Amazon and the NFL, according to The Wall Street Journal, is valued at around $50 million dollars. This is roughly 5 times more than the deal that was made with Twitter last year for the showings. The difference in price stems from the fact that Twitter users could view the games for free. However, only Amazon Prime users will have access to the games. Amazon currently has over 60 million members worldwide who pay $100 a year for the service.

Last year, the games on Twitter were watched by the masses. Around 243,000 people were watching the game via Twitter on a per-minute basis. Amazon is hoping to achieve the same success as they have been upgrading their programs.


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