Three Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

The time has finally come. Your birthday is quickly approaching and the years of being teased for being “under age” and having to sneak alcohol into parties, concerts, and festivals are over. You are finally turning 21, and this momentous occasion definitely calls for a celebration. People like to celebrate their birthdays in different ways. Here are three different 21st birthday celebration ideas that are sure to get you excited about this super cool, very fun next stage of your life.

Throw a huge party or pregame. You are finally 21! What better way to celebrate your legality by throwing a huge party and legally getting to drink with all of your friends. Make sure you wear a trendy outfit and walkable shoes because let’s be real, you may get a little too tipsy to properly walk around in heels. Provide light snacks, some jello shots, and enjoy your party! Having your friends make you a fun 21st birthday sign to wear is a super cute way to let the world know that it’s your birthday.

Have a chill wine night. For those who don’t love the thought of huge parties or being the center of attention, you still deserve to celebrate! Order pizza, buy sweets, and have a decent assortment of wine. Invite your closest friends to come chill for a wine and movie night. But don’t forget, it is still your birthday so make sure you have a cake and some balloons.

Go to a restaurant. One of the best things about turning 21 is the ability to legally purchase alcohol. So, if it is your birthday, why not go to a nice restaurant with some family and friends. Order your first legal drink and make sure to let the waiter know that it is your 21st birthday.


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