This Nutrition Company is Something Special

In the history of the United States, different diets were based off of restriction, artificial flavors, and a whole lot of misery for the person trying to lose a few pounds. Recently, the dieting community has been making a shift towards higher nutritional content and the use of real ingredients over artificial ones in order to achieve maintainable health improvement.

Although some brands such as Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisine claim to hold high nutritional value that will support health and weight loss, the truth is that their products are filled with sugars, salts, and additives that are not great ingredients to aid in consistently health. However, fortunately, there are more and more companies capitalizing on a more holistic approach to snack options and meal replacements.

One company, PaleoGoods, is doing just that. PaleoGoods offers nutrition bars, grain free granola, jersey, nut butter, and sauces that are all created using all natural ingredients. This company not only provides its customers with delicious and nutritious snack and meal replacement options, but also is very environmentally and socially conscious.

For example, one of their protein bar lines is called “ShareBar” and for each bar that a customer buys, a ShareBar is given to a child in need. There are other forms of charity within this company as well. The proceeds from this company went into the funding for Steve’s Club National Program, which provides nutritional and fitness education to at risk youth.

Companies such as this one are truly paving the way for not only a healthier future, but a more conscious and helpful one.


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