This Man Followed Federal Diet and Exercise Guidelines for a Year

When it comes to beginning a fitness journey, many people don’t quite know where to begin. The importance of a healthy diet and an adequate amount of excursive it stressed in all aspects of advice when it comes to maintaining or beginning a healthy lifestyle. So many different diet programs and exercise programs offer a bunch of different guidelines that can ultimately be quite confusing for some.

One man, Daniel J. Green, decided to follow the federal dietary and exercise guidelines for a year in order to obtain a healthier way of life. He chronicled his journey and after a year of being committed to his mission, released all of the outcomes for the public to see. Daniel claims that he managed to be successful in his journey by “making a series of small, manageable changes”.

He claim that this allowed him to completely shift his dietary choices in a healthier direction.

At the beginning of the year, Daniel weighed in at around 244 1/2 lbs, with a high body fat percentage of 26.9%. By day 365, Daniel had dropped down to 210 lbs and had also dropped his body fat percentage to 22.2%.

His vitals, cholesterol, muscular function, and stamina all improved and Daniel claims to be in the best shape he has been in in a very long time. After ending his year long journey, he admits to not following the guidelines exactly and because of this has put on aa few pounds. However, he is still happier and healthier than ever.


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