This Luxurious Australian Prison is Nicer Than Your Apartment

If you’re fresh out of college and crippled with student debt or just plain frugal with your money, chances are, you live in a dump. You’re pretty concerned with that stain in your ceiling and your landlord looks like the type of person you check for on a special website before moving into a new neighborhood, but it’s cheap so you can’t complain.

But hey, it’s way better than what some people have to deal with, right? Well, not if you’re a criminal in Australia.

This newly-built prison in Victoria, Australia might make your run-down apartment look like a jail cell. The $100 million, tax payer-funded building is equipped with living rooms, tennis courts, a bakery, kitchens stocked with lamb, a gym, and there are TVs everywhere you turn.

So it’s a pretty sweet deal, as far as incarceration goes.

The medium-security prison opens this week and will house 200 inmates. Inmates who can count themselves lucky. Nothing like dozing off to sleep in your private room with the TV flickering in the background.

The prison has state of the baking facilities, but they come with a catch.

Inmates will be required to bake meat pies and bread every morning, so they’ll have marketable skills to take into the workforce upon their release. “People will leave here and get a job in the newest bakeries across Melbourne,” one corrections officer said.

So if you’re feeling a little bummed that these inmates have better living accommodation than you, cheer up, at least you can leave whenever you want.


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