This Guy Made An Awesome Wine Rack Out Of An Old Log

Wine is synonymous with sophistication. You want to feel like a class act when drinking it, but you also want to feel that way when you’re looking at it. That’s why it’s nice to have a beautiful spot to keep it in, rather than shoving all your bottles into a boring old cabinet.

A man took this notion incredibly close to heart when he created a wine rack out of an old log from his dad’s wood pile. The result is seriously beautiful. If you’re a wine lover, it goes without saying that this is for you. First he cut the log to size and then began stripping the bark off with a chisel. Then it was time to make some holes. He started with a hole saw, but found his trusty chisel was much easier to handle. Finally, he stained it with a dark finish. In the end, he crafted himself a unique and quite manly wine cabinet.

This Guy Made An Awesome Wine Rack Out Of An Old Log


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