This Beefless Burger Bleeds Like the Real Thing

Everyone loves a good burger. Whether that burger is a fatty beef patty, smothered in bacon and cheese or a black bean burger with a tangy aioli, burgers are pretty much a staple in the diets of most Americans. Try burger connoisseurs love the meaty goodness of a burger, and tend to wince at the thought of consuming a patty that is made to taste like fake meat.

However, more and more vegan burger options have been emerging as the trend toward environmentally conscious eating continues to grow and affect many aspects of the food market. One beefless patty, in particular, is taking the nation by storm, having to bring the total investments for the product to be almost $400 million. This burger, available in both the United States and abroad, is famous for looking like a true, beef burger. It even has the appearance of “bleeding like the real thing”.

This Beefless Burger Bleeds Like the Real Thing

The company, Impossible Foods, recently opened up its first large-scale production plant which allows for the production of 500,000 pounds worth of plant-based meat per month, which is enough to feed approximately 2 million people.

These burgers are taking over the food industry and can currently be ordered in over 1,000 restaurants across the United States alone. Impossible Foods is also looking to possibly partner with larger American restaurants and chains in the near future in order to make their amazing product more readily available.

The next steps for the burger are its introduction into the Asian market within the next few months, along with the company’s research into creating similar meat replacements for beef, chicken, and pork.


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