These Athletes Are Smarter Than You Think

Sometimes, jocks can get a bad reputation for only being good at their sport. The “dumb jock” label has graced media, high school hallways, and even professional sports leagues throughout the years. Many very successful jocks are combating that stereotype by proving that they have the smarts and the sports skills. Here’s a list of four people who prove that you can have both brain and brawn.

First, John Urschel, who used to play for the Baltimore Ravens truly is a genius. He left the Ravens to pursue a doctorate degree at MIT and at only 26 years old, he has managed to do so many amazing things.

Another athlete that you may be surprised to learn is extremely bright is Ryan Fitzpatrick. If his concentration and skill on the field aren’t enough to show his intelligence, a quick look at his test scores surely will. Fitzpatrick managed to score a 1,580 out of 1,600 on the SAT. No wonder he went to Harvard! He also scored a 49 out of 50 on the NFL’s Wonderlic test where the average score is a 24.

These Athletes Are Smarter Than You Think

Along with these two football stars, Myron Rolle is extremely smart as well. After he played for the NFL, he has since become a neurosurgeon and even began his residency at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Lastly, Shannon Miller’s expertise goes beyond the sport of gymnastics. While she has seven medals and is one of America’s most decorated gymnasts, she has earned a law degree and has even written a book!


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