The Warriors Are Showing Everyone How Good They Really Are

Steph Curry is one of the greatest basketball players of our time. But even the greatest players occasionally experience a slump. Curry’s stats have lowered, as his three-point shooting percentages and averages are down. He also is no longer that leading team scorer. Kevin Durant is averaging at 25.3 per game, while Curry’s average is 25.2 per game.

Nevertheless, in an interview with Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report, Steph discusses how his stats bare no relevance to his accomplishments this season. He said in the interview that, “to go black and white and say I’m not having as good a season as I was having last year based on just five points a game or shooting percentage or whatnot…there are other things that you try to do other than just eye test to try and help your team win”.

Curry continued by stating that he feels the Warriors are doing incredibly well this season and that the team is really coming together. We can see that this is true as even with Durant being out, the Warriors are currently on an 11-grame winning streak.


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