The Real Reason McDonald’s Coke Taste Better Than Regular Coke

There is no denying that McDonald’s Coca-Cola is the best tasting Cola out there. At first, we were under the impression that our love and obsession with Coca-Cola from McDonald’s was all in our heads.

Yet somehow a plethora of people agree that they are willing to go out of their way to get a sip of that fountain soda. Luckily for us, McDonald’s finally shared their secrets on why their Coke really does taste better. Firstly, McDonald’s receives the Coca-Cola syrup in stainless steel containers as opposed to the standard plastic bags that Coke usually ships its product in.

This change in shipment leads to the preservation of ingredients that in turn makes the drink taste fresher.

The Real Reason McDonalds Coke Taste Better Than Regular Coke

Second, the syrup is then pre-chilled before it is placed inside the soda dispenser. Next, McDonald ensures that the soda water is mixed with the syrup is clean, fresh, and has gone through a filtration system.

McDonald’s has spent a considerable amount of money on their filtration systems.

Last but not least, after the Coca-Cola has gone through all these steps and have entered your cup, McDonald’s provides you with a large straw in order to allow the drink to “hit all your taste buds”.


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