The Newest God of War Game Has Officially Come Out and Fans Are Loving It

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studios have officially released the newest God of War game in April of 2018. This is the 4th God of War game to be released, with each game continuing the story from the last.

In the past, fans and video game lovers have been able to complete the entire game within just a few days. However, the designers of the 4th release have made this one a bit more challenging.

With numerous places to explore and tons of new and exciting characters to meet, playtime is expected to double in comparison to previous God of War games. Just the main story alone can take a professional player dozens of hours to complete.

On top of the main storyline, the game is equipped with numerous quests, treasures, and trophies that a player can win. It sometimes makes it difficult to not get distracted from the main objective of the game!

The graphics in the game are known to be one of a kind as well. The characters have realistic features and the background landscape is absolutely breathtaking.

All in all, this game is definitely worth the time and money.


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