The New Plan to Stop Internet Piracy Is Just the Old One on Steroids

The Internet has changed drastically in the last few years and has led to different laws being passed regarding intellectual property. This has put a strain on many writers, as well as the US government, to create a fair and lawful act that will ensure copyright laws are being enforced. The RIAA, as well as 14 other groups, are petitioning for government to amend or replace the 19-year old act, called Digital Millennium Copyright Act, in order to place the burden of pursuing infringers on Internet service providers. Currently, the burden of sending “takedown notices” is placed on the copyright holders themselves. Their object is to require Internet service providers to use a technology that will recognize content that has already been uploaded. They believe that even though they are fighting against copyright infringers, these service providers are still continuing their profitable online business operations as the DMCA has permitted limited liability on them. It’s clear that new sites, such as Netflix and Spotify, have made it easier for more consumers to attain content legally. However, it still does not successfully protect copyright holders from violations.


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