The Greatest Showman Soundtrack Hits No. 1

The soundtrack that accompanies the recently released film, The Greatest Showman has slowly climbed its way up the charts to No. 1 in the U.S. on Monday on the Billboard 200. The soundtrack hit No. 1 the day after the film won a Golden Globe for best original song, “This Is Me.” The soundtrack has been steadily making its way up the charts since its release in early December, selling an equivalent of 106,000 copies now, with 78,000 of the sales being the complete album. It is the first soundtrack to top the chart in almost a year, since “Fifty Shades Darker” last February. This is the first time actor and singer Hugh Jackman has visited the Hot 100 entry with the song “The Greatest Show.”.

Zac Efron hits the Hot 100 charts as well, being 9 years since his last appearance on the charts. He last charted with “Can I Have This Dance” with Vanessa Hudgens from the movie High School Musical 3:Senior Year. Zendaya adds her fourth and fifth Hot 100 entries. She reached a No. 40 high in 2014 with her single “Replay” from her self-titled debut album. The Greatest Showman soundtrack is comprised of 11 songs written and composed solely for the film all crafted by the talented Oscar and Tony winners Benji Pasek and Justin Paul.

The Greatest Showman, also starring Zendaya and Michelle Williams, among others, has grossed over $76 million since its Dec. 20 release in the U.S. The film was inspired by the story of P. T. Barnum’s creation of the Barnum & Bailey Circus.


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