The Gaming Mouse You Always Dreamed Of

For years the joystick and various controllers dominated the gaming world. Gamers are so used to hit buttons and use the arrows keys to navigate their avatar in a virtual world, every gamer will agree that the feeling is not real enough and yet, even in our days, in many ways still not flexible to allow a verity of delicate movement in many popular games.

As technology advanced in the world, it appears that no other the old and famous mouse can give the ultimate solution for the best yet gaming experience. The Z is a new mouse, now in the last stages of development, which can do what no other controllers had yet managed to. Tilting the mouse left or right on your pad will trigger the same action you desire like leaning, crouching or reloading. Alternatively use it as a modifier key (like shift or control) without actually having to press a button or key. But that is not all you can even modify on how much your mouse can tilt and the amount of force you put into tilting. You can even pivot the mouse left to right this gives you a huge competitive advantage in many first or third-person shooters. You can run straight ahead and at the same time look left and right with analog control (the same way as you would with a VR headset). It provides tactile feedback so you know when you’re facing forward or looking to the side.

And these are just few of the features that the designers are planning on The Z, which of course has a slick agronomic design. The future of gaming can be surprisingly alerted with this new technology.


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