The Fascinating Story Behind the Coolest Name in Basketball

Stockton Malone Shorts is a Utah native high school basketball player whose sport skills are definitely something to admire. The basketball player just recently scored 17 points in a game for Copper Hills High School. He is already on his way to becoming a household name as ESPN presently names him as the ninth best recruit. The 6’3 sports lover is considered the best high school basketball player in Utah at the moment. Stockton Malone Shorts is the child of Ryan and Kelly Shorts. The two met while attending an exhibition game that was a part of the U.S Olympics team that played against China during the pre-games warm up tour. One afternoon during the tour, the two were taking a stroll while wearing Team USA jerseys. A nearby van stopped in front of them and out came Stockton, Malone, and Sloan who then filmed a short clip and signed some autographs. This encounter had such a memorable impact on Ryan and Kelly that it inspired and led them to name their first son, who was born two years also, after these players. This interesting meet up is how Stockton Malone Shorts got his name.


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