The Charcoal Teeth Whitener That People Are Loving

White teeth are a hard thing to come by if you have certain eating and drinking habits. Whitening strips and teeth whitening appointments are a burden to not only your time schedule but also your wallet.

A fun alternative to those two is whitening charcoal powder, especially Active Wow Whitening Charcoal. The cost of this tub of powder is only $25, but the results you will see are priceless.

The Charcoal Teeth Whitener That People Are Loving

You can purchase the whitening powder in its three flavors: natural, cinnamon, or orange. The natural powder has no flavor, cinnamon is reviewed to not be that strong, and the orange flavor is said to be a subtle flavor. It is safe to use the powder up to twice a day.

The powder is not meant to be a replacement for toothpaste; you are only supposed to brush with it after you brush your teeth regularly. Normally with whitening strips, you have to sit with them on for 15-30 minutes to see any sort of result. With Active Wow whitening powder, you only have to brush for two minutes to see results! That alone should already convince you to switch from whitening strips to whitening powder.

The Charcoal Teeth Whitener That People Are Loving

The only drawback to the powder is how messy it can get. Since it is a black powder, brushing it can leave excess wherever you do it. It is best to do it over a sink and not wander around your bathroom/house while doing it.

The powder washes away with water, so don’t fret! Also, if you are going to use the same toothbrush that you brush your teeth with for the powder, that’s fine. However, some people recommend buying an extra brush for the charcoal powder because it can turn your toothbrush black.


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