The Backpack Briefcase Hybrid That’s Taking Over the World

We are willing to bet that you are going to fall in love with this backpack. Let’s put in that way: we are sure that every day you have to leave your use with different bags to bring your gym stuff, your laptop, your personal items and so on.

What if we told you that there’s a bag that can carry everything you need. So there’s an amazing backpack which got just released from The Breton Company.

Founded by Joseph May in March of 2016, The Breton Company crafts products are really cool and multitasking. You might argue that the product range is limited, however, each item is extremely versatile and can be used for work and for free time. All of the products are made in Italian leather handles, water-resistant canvas, and high-end zippers.

The Backpack Briefcase Hybrid Thats Taking Over the World

So the new backpack is a Modern Day Briefcase, which debuted on Kickstarter. The bag raised over $240,000.

It has padded shoulder straps, internal pockets for pens and credit cards, and a sleeve for your laptop. May’s other products come with similar features i.e. a protective laptop sleeve and pockets for all your gadgets. It is a bag everyone would want!


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