Taco Bell Taking Over Fast Food with their Nacho Shaped Chicken

It is finally happening! The moment every single Taco Bell fan has been waiting for has officially arrived. Chicken Chips are making its way to America. On May 11th, every Taco Bell near you will be serving deliciously fried, triangular, crispy brown chicken bites along with a smooth and creamy cheese dipping sauce.

You all might be wondering why it has taken Taco Bell this long to bring such a creation to our nation. I’m sure thousands have complained about the lack of such a delicious combo. However, according to Ad Age, no one has requested this tasty chicken-disguised chip whatsoever. Yes, I know that is very hard to believe. 

The official name of the ‘dippable’ chicken-chip is Naked Chicken Chips. Now this title may sound familiar as some might say it is Taco Bell’s sequel to their Naked Chicken Chalupa, a taco with a shell made entirely out of chicken. Sadly, Taco Bell has removed that menu item only a month after they had come out with it. We’re not upset, though, since they have designed more ways for us to eat chicken than any other fast food chain.


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