Subway’s New New Pulled Pork And Fritos Sandwich is Ready to Give Your Heart a Run for It’s Money

People love subway. They march through the streets as if they were being guided by an invisible Pied Piper whenever the sub chain unleashes a new flavor monstrosity unto the world, no matter what ridiculous flavor combination their “Sandwich Artists” come up with. People get stoked when Subway introduces something new.

This is the company that gave the world the shrimp melt sub (in Japan) and the corn and peas sandwich (in India). It will continue to give the world sandwiches nobody asked for. The days on the calendar will continue to fly by, the earth will slowly rotate on its axis and Subway will unveil a new, unique, borderline troubling sandwich. And we will be there to eat them. These are things that never change.

Subway’s newest attempt to destroy the very fabric of our society with meat and cheese is the aptly named “Pulled Pork Crunch.” The “Crunch” aspect of the sandwich comes from a sprinkling of Chili Cheese Fritos on top to guarantee that you’ll finally have something to talk about with your cardiologist. The sandwich is not available nationwide yet, but it’s currently being tested in markets throughout the Midwest.

Keep your fingers crossed that it’s headed to a town near you very soon, though, because despite all our misgivings, people are really amped on this sandwich, even going as far as to refer to it as “The Greatest of All Time.”


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