Steph Curry Disagrees With People Who Think It Was an Easy Road to the Finals

With last year’s NBA final between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, many fans assumed this season would end up the exact same way. The American basketball fans have been saying that the NBA is “watered down” and that a match ending with the Warriors and Cavaliers was highly “inevitable.” However, star of the Warriors team, Steph Curry has strongly disagreed with these opinions.

“I mean, that almost is kinda disrespectful that it’s easy for us to get here. It wasn’t that at all…Us and Cleveland work our butts off all year to put ourselves in a position to be playing for a championship.” Curry admits to the reporters. Curry strongly states there is no lack of talent anywhere else in the league and credits all the teams who have worked hard through every challenging night.

Of course, Curry was disappointed to hear that fans are saying the postseason has become boring and too anticipated. Curry ends off stating that it might be easy to say on the sidelines but truthfully they are working extremely hard to get where they are today. Having consecutive appearances in three straight NBA finals the team definitely has something to be proud about.


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