Starz Is Developing A Drama Series About Independent Wrestling

Apparently, the popular cable network, Starz, is interested in developing a television series about the world of pro wrestling. For the moment, the name of the show will be Heels and it will comprise of eight one-hour episodes for its first season. Starz is not the only network that has plans to dabble into the realm of pro wrestling. Netflix recently announced that they’re introducing a new series called G.L.O.W that provides pure wrestling content. Even Will Ferrell and The Rock are producing a television comedy set with a wrestling premise and background. Celebrities, such as Norman Mailer and Billy Corgan, have partaken in wrestling- based shows at one point in their professional careers. It’s now apparent that pro wrestling television shows are the new thing and any cable network that is concerned with expanding their network’s horizon, should strongly consider shooting a pilot for a crazy, emotional, fight-filled show. The premise behind the Heels show will be one of rivals. The storyline of the show is of two brothers who are competing against each other in an attempt to gain national recognition for being a part of fake wrestling matches in a small town in Georgia.


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