Social Media Pokes Fun at Melania Trump’s Christmas Decorations

Christmas is one of the most anticipated and respected holidays celebrated by millions of Americans and Christians every year. The spirit of the holiday is apparent across stores, household decorations, and other buildings for about a month prior to the Holiday itself. So, with Christmas being such an important aspect of American society, it’s no wonder that the White House is decorated accordingly.

This year, Melania Trump designed many of the decorations for the rooms of the White House. Most rooms are beautiful and festive. However, one chamber’s decorations have been called out as being pretty creepy. This chamber has even been compared to horror movies such as “The Shining”.

Of course with social media, there have been some pretty funny tweets about this room. For example on twitter user posted a picture of the chamber with the caption; “Make Narnia Great Again” and another user shared a picture of the chamber with two little girls from “The Shining” photoshopped in. Along with this, many other creative social media users have taken to their platforms to poke fun at the decorating decisions of the First Lady.


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